Care Coordination Program

What is the Care Coordination model

The Care Coordination Model emphasises the need for cross-sector collaboration between government agencies, non-government organisations and the private sector in providing support services to individuals with severe mental illness and complex care needs.

The Care Coordination Model aims to improve care planning and increase the continuity of care across service boundaries. The Model also aims to improve service provision by reducing gaps and duplication of services.

Panel Objective

The Panel acknowledges that the referred individual have needs that cannot be solved by one organisation alone or by working in isolation. The Panel does not replace existing service delivery models or place responsibility on one service alone. It provides a means for closer working partnerships, improved communication and a system to monitor and evaluate this collaboration

The Panel seeks to improve service delivery and assist both government and community to work together in a more coordinated and effective approach while supporting the participation of the referred individuals in their recovery towards improved health and well-being.

Care Coordination Stakeholders

A Care Coordination stakeholder could be a case manager, a general practitioner, an ATODS worker, or an Indigenous mental health worker. The Care Coordination stakeholder will liaise with and co-ordinate service provision with case managers, GPs, ATODS, Indigenous mental health workers, and other private health professionals as appropriate. The Care Coordination stakeholder will also liaise and meet with the community service providers and the individual on a regular basis.

A Care Coordination stakeholder can be a non-government organisation employee (NGO), and is normally the NGO providing the highest level of service to the client at that time. This support person will liaise with and co-ordinate service provision with non-government organisations, other community organisations, and other government departments (Department of Housing, Disability Services Queensland etc).

Care Coordination Documents attached

Referral form

Information for participating agencies


Consent form

Frequency Location Contact Phone
First Tuesday of each month
9.30am – 11.30am
Building 19, 2404 Logan Road
Mount Gravatt
 Rebecca Fitzgerald, Carissa Griffiths 0417 239 348 or 0438 529 497

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